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Another HR Essential

Employers of all types, including churches, large and small should have an employee handbook for all employees covering the basic tenets and guidelines under which the employer operates.

The Need

As churches rarely have personnel dedicated to Human Resources, some basic yet important HR items are often overlooked. An employee handbook can clarify a number of important items that should be documented to help alleviate the risk of any misunderstandings.

What’s Covered

Common items in most employee handbooks include:

  • Compensation schedules

  • Hours of operation

  • Code(s) of conduct

  • Leave/Time off policies

  • Confidentiality

  • Conflict of interest

  • Use of equipment

  • Emergency/Closing information

  • Signatures & Date

  • And more…

Clearly documenting important operating principles and policies and having employees sign the acceptance of the handbook at hiring provides a common understanding for both the church and the employee(s) and can help avoid confusion.

Have Questions? We’re here to help!

BMA Financial Insurance Services is your trusted partner that can help bring clarity and understanding to whatever your situation may be.

Let us help explain your options.

Our focus is on educating our churches and pastors to help them make well informed decisions about these very important topics.

Mark Bradley

BMA Financial - Insurance Services


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