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Job Descriptions are Essential

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Whether a small church or a large church an HR essential is a written job description for each full time and part time employee. The need As churches rarely have personnel dedicated to Human Resources, some basic yet important items are often overlooked. Job descriptions clarify a number of important items that should be documented accurately to help alleviate the risk of any misunderstandings, and also provide good documentation. What’s covered Common items in most job descriptions include:

  • Job Title

  • Key Responsibilities/scope

  • Hire date

  • Full time or Part time (hours per week for hourly)

  • Compensation (hourly rate/annual salary)

  • Reporting (position reports to)

  • Benefits eligible (Yes/No)

  • Signatures & date

The format is not as important as the content. Clearly documenting these basic items provides a common understanding for both the church and the employee(s) and can help avoid any confusion.

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