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Keep on keeping on!

The stock market volatility experienced thus far in 2022 is causing angst among a number of people as they watch their retirement account balances dip.

In stewarding God’s assets, how should one respond to such uncertainty in the financial markets?

Two thoughts to address this question: 1) Trust in the Provider and not the provisions, and 2) Keep a long-term perspective.

In his 2013 letter to shareholders, Warren Buffet shared:

"Games are won by players who focus on the playing field – not by those whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard. If you can enjoy Saturdays and Sundays without looking at stock prices, give it a try on weekdays."

In other words, take a long-term perspective. Just because market prices bounce around every day doesn't mean you should worry about those daily movements. In Buffett's view and based on historical precedent, your investment results will be better that way.

Let’s just keep on keeping on and leave the rest to God!

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