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Choose Your Plan

Basic Plan

The Basic Program provides a retirement option for all licensed or ordained ministers working for a church or entity affiliated with the Baptist Missionary Association (BMA) of America.

BMA churches or entities may contribute to the ministers’ retirement accounts on a monthly or annual basis.

Choice Plan

The Choice Program is designed for BMA churches/entities wanting the most out of the BMA retirement program.

Unlike the Basic Program that offers one investment option, the Choice Program offers numerous options including Target Date Funds, Risk Based Portfolios, as well as the ability to work with a financial advisor and customize a portfolio unique to your needs/desires.

Fee Schedule

At Envoy Financial, we embrace complete expense disclosure and want you to be “in the know” about the expenses you’re paying in order to have a good retirement plan account. What does “being in the know” look like?  Are the expenses reasonable?  What are the services associated with the expenses?

MRS has negotiated the following fee schedule with Envoy Financial:

• Annual Record Keeping Fee - 25 basis points (.25%)

• Annual Participant Advisory Services - 38 basis points (.38%)

• Annual Participant Fee - $70 ($5.83 per month)

• Professionally Managed Accounts – Target Date Funds - 25 basis points (.25%)

• Professionally Managed Accounts – Risk Based or Risk Based Plus – 35 basis points (.35%)